Hello Family!

Please create a profile in order for us to send greeting cards, personal messages and other correspondence. Please be sure to include your address and telephone number (they will not appear on the website, only committee members will have access to this information).

*If you are not planning to attend the family reunion  please include your child(ren)’s birthday in the comment section in order for us to include them in our family calendar. 

Thank you!

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Sanaa Bryant
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July 28, 2004
Jamily’s daughther  Send Sanaa a MessageSend Sanaa a Message
Sarah Gatewood
Profile picture
April 10, 1991 https://teespring.com/stores/singleswalkinginpurpose Single
Shamilya Evans (Holloman)
Profile picture
January 29, 1989 IT/ USN Committed Relationship 2
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Shana Townsend
September 26, 1984 Customer Service Committed Relationship 1
Send Shana  a MessageSend Shana a Message
Shirlene Townsend (Gatewood)
June 11, 1961 Financial Management Analyst Married 2
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Shontavious Lovett
Profile picture
June 13, 1978 Payroll Administrator Married 4
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Stephanie Townsend (Joyner)
August 20, 1954 customer service Married 2
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Takira Joyner
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July 12, 1992 Committed Relationship
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Tenneal Smith
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Profile picture
December 03, 1985 Married 3
Secretary of the Townsend Family Reunion Committee Send Tenneal a MessageSend Tenneal a Message
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